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Vision école privée La Nouvelle Alliance

Our Vision

Our vision consists in helping to train children, during their school years, to become adults who are conscious of their identity, their worth and the direction of their lives.

Our Values

Day by day we seek to live by the following values: 

  • Perseverance

  • Responsibility

  • Initiative

  • Honesty

  • Respect

  • Forgivenesss

  • Faith

  • Giving one's best: aiming high  

  • Helping one another 

Teaching methods based on encouragement, adapted to each child.

We endeavour to stress that each child is precious, and seek to help them discover their potential and gifts, in any and every field. We tailor our teaching to different learning styles, knowing that children learn in diverse ways and at varying speeds.
Helping children to express themselves and be creative is a key aim.

Trust-based relationship between teacher and pupil

The teacher's kind and encouraging approach to the children is a key to their success.  
Our conviction is that successful learning is based on the trusting relationship between teachers and pupils.


"A child who receives encouragement - learns confidence.

A child who meets with tolerance - learns patience.

A child who receives praise - learns to appreciate.

A child who experiences fair play - learns justice.

A child who feels friendship - learns kindness.

A child who experiences security - learns faith.

A child who is well-liked - learns to feel love in the world."

- Dorothy Nolte

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